Do evaluations have a role aside from just technical?

  • Do evaluations have a role aside from RS gold just technical? And do they serve to collect the players' opinion? We would have a tendency to answer both questions but clearly not within the Jagex studio in regards to RuneScape. For several weeks, the British programmer was testing the update Weapon Diversity, aiming in particular to bring a little diversity in the use of weapons MMORPG, so that each object has a very special role and the option of firearms makes sense real.The upgrade was the subject of a beta this summer, the remarks of the players weren't too enthused and in a note printed on the official website, the programmer announces give up to deploy the upgrade.

    More concretely, when the update was deployed on the test servers, the programmer has finalized it. According to the comments of the players and the changes to be made, at the end of the beta, the studio estimated that it had finished just 50% of the material - less or more, the update did not bring any really substantial changes and just the DPS amount of weapons evolved, encouraging players to maximize it without imposing more approach in the selection of weapons actually used by the gamers.

    Because of this, you will find three options available to the development group: to chase and continue, but without the promise of success and delaying the installation of the upgrade; begin from scratch on new foundations but at the risk of affecting other vital updates which will be announced shortly; or finally abandon the update and reassign the development teams to additional upgrades and fine-tune them.

    The studio opted following the players' general opinion. And for runescape gold 2007 those who waited in spite of this update, the studio specifies to not renounce it entirely: the constructive comments are maintained and the equipment can be modified by small key (weapon by weapon), or even to be the object of a specific significant update.It ought to be mentioned that, occasionally, beta evaluations may still have a part to play and may actually function to affect the direction of growth of a MMORPG.



Does it look like a scam?